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Shoko Hamada

Shoko Hamada was born on 16 April 1988 dinagasaki. is one member of a group of sexy girls in japan. His hobbies basketball, shopping, her sweet face pull a man's heart around it.

was his father's work as employees in the company Each welding arc, Eventually he became prankish school, the work she is the father The old AC welding machines were only single phase, but the new ones are all 3 phase, which saves energy, and since it only draws a third of the amps, you can use copper wiring and installation costs are less than old machines,” Flagg said. An example of how far the technology has come is Lincoln Electric's Power Wave AC/DC 1000, made specifically for AC/DC submerged arc welding. It is designed as part of a modular welding system for single-arc or multiple-arc applications, and is targeted at submerged arc customers that need higher productivity, lower operating costs, greater production flexibility and high quality. the machine is rated at 1,000 amps for AC or DC.

Sinaga Natsumi

Sinaga Natsumi was born on April 16, 1985 in japan. is one member of a group of sexy girls in japan. His hobbies cooking, shopping, karaoke, her beautiful face much preferred men.

This girl was very pretty and sexy as being proper for the model that has been secular, even when he wore the bikini of swimming clothes, he was very astonishing and made the heart like was affected by fire welding, yes like welding that could make the iron melt in fact the steel could then melt by him, pretty and really astonishing. Preheating the aluminum workpiece can help avoid weld cracking. Preheating temperature should not exceed 230 F-use a temperature indicator to prevent overheating. In addition, placing tack welds at the beginning and end of the area to be welded will aid in the preheating effort. Welders should also preheat a thick piece of aluminum when welding it to a thin piece; if cold lapping occurs, try using run-on and run-off tabs. Aluminum Welding, Laser Welding, Welding Education, Hard Facing Welding

Maika ozhawa

Maika ozhawa was born on April 16, 1986 in tokyo. is one member of the avex girl-group and futsal team Carezza hobbies swimming, basketball, fishing. She likes playing piano.
with the smooth grace of a beautiful and perfect body turns out he is a fan of heavy metal and any accessories, such as welding machine, laser marking which he believes against all iron goods at home, he was very enthusiast and even he had good command of whatever it is, like liburdi: Liburdi Automation is an industry leader in the development of automated, vision-based welding systems for turbine, aerospace, industrial and tube mill applications. Not only do We Boast extensive Metallurgical, engineering, robotics, controls and vision expertise for new product development and turnkey welding solutions, but all of our That Also automated welding systems cans be custom tailored to your specific requirements. The Liburdi LAWS ™ line of automated welding systems is the industry standard for welding compressor and turbine blades and vanes, while the Dabber ® automated welding systems are widely Used for seals and rotor applications.

Also Liburdi manufacturers the Pulsweld ® line of precision welding power sources the which are renowned for accuracy and repeatability, with proven performance in aerospace, nuclear, medical, automotive, tube mills and research & development applications. Pulsweld ® power sources are available in both GTAW and PAW configurations and, along with the Patented Variable Polarity systems, are the technologies of choice for critical aerospace welding applications Such as space launch vehicles. and laser spot-welding is one of the significant Facets of laser processing in application technique, the spot-welding course belongs to a heating-type conduct, that is the laser radiate for heating the workpiece surface, the heat on the workpiece surface cans be diffused to the interior through the heat conduct, melting the workpiece to form a special point molten through controlling the pulse duration, energy, peak power and repetition rate of laser pulse. The laser spot-welding machine has the advantages of high speed, high efficient, high-depth, small distortion, the small heat effect, high quality welding, welding flat line, no pollution to the spot, high efficient & no pollution and without any welding material.This machine is mainly applied to repair holes and spot-welding sand holes, widely applied to spot-weld micro precision components, Such as jewelry, nickel battery, down-lead of integrate circuit, hairspring of horologe, kinescope and electron gun and she now hunting Laser Engraving/Cutting Machine CMA-6040 model
Laser power:30-150W
Cutting thickness:0-25mm(determined by materials)
Engraving speed:0-64000(mm/min)
Cutting speed:0-36000(mm/min)
Winimum shaping character:Chinese character 2x2mm,Letter 1x1mm
Resolution ration:≤ 4000 dpi
Power supply:AC220V± 10% ,50Hz
Location procision:<0.01mm
Number of hanged line:90line
Gross power:<1250W
Operating temperature:0-45° c
Operating humidity:5-95%  (Free of condensed water)
Graphic format supported:BMP,GIF,JPEG,PCX,TGA,TIFF,PLT,CDR,DMG\DXF

CMA-1910 Dimension:2400x1720x1170 mm

and interest to

High-precision Laser Engraving/Cutting Machine CMA-6050
CMA-6050 is the latest high-precision laser cutting machine introduced by our Company. The mechanical system adopts high-precision ball-screw transmission mechanism with separate-body design for its X and Y directions, which have perfectly solved the problem of decrease of cutting accuracy of the conventional laser cutting machine due to t
YM-FCS1325-500X Laser Metal Sheet Cutting Machine
YM-FSC1325-500X laser cutting machine realizes precision cuts through localized fuse and gasification of metal work pieces using focused high-energy pulse laser, with the aid of air blow. This Product has high cutting accuracy, and is therefore suitable for cutting precision work pieces. Its cutting speed is 60 times higher than wire-electrode cutt
YM-CS035F-200X Metal Laser Cutting Machine
YM-CS035F-50X/CS035F-200X YAG laser cutting machine, designed for using in a variety of industries, is the latest laser machining solution of our Company. This serial features sliding cross-shaped bench structure, with constant light path. Electrical focus and red light preview functions are optional. This Product is comparatively economic for it us
CMB-1325 Large Plate Laser Cutting Machine
To achieve wide-format cutting and splitting, CMB-1325 large plate laser cutting machine was successfully designed and manufactured by incorporating the design elements and structural concepts of large and medium-sized machine tools. It adopts strong frames of machine tools to ensure stability and accuracy during high-speed motion. Its drive system
Laser Engraving/Cutting Machines PN-1080 Model
This serial models adopt DSP&laser power source with self owned property right as well as integrated frame-structure ensure the working stability and reliability,the latest Software can support Auto CAD,CoreIDRAW,CAD,CAM,and other graphical software,and it can directly output pictures.The USB data interface support heat play&plug,quick data transitt
Laser Engraving/Cutting Machines PN-6040B
This serial models adopted DSP&laser power source with self owned property right as well as integrated frame-structure ensure the working stability and reliability. The latest Software can support AutoCAD,coreIDRAW CAD, CAM and other graphical software,and it can directly output pictures. The USB data interface support heat paly&plug,quick data tran

usually used in welding cutting plane, the results of laser welding is very smooth, and the welding process is very easy and powerful that marking laser welding is making love